Rivers in Germany map

This map shows the Rivers in Germany map. You can freely to print the Germany boat map. The Rivers in Germany map is printable and downloadable on this page.
Germany has a large river network (details on rivers in Germany map) whose courses are often common with other European countries. In addition to its rivers running from north to south, others from west to east, canals complement its hydraulic network allowing a large network of shipping routes, and the development of large industrial areas and rich ports (since Middle Ages), and hydro-electric stations.
Germany has a hydrographic network 40,000 kilometers long (look at rivers in Germany map) . The shallow north enchants canoeists with its many lakes and calm waters. The center of Germany fascinates with its idyllic and romantic valleys. In the middle of the mountains, the south invites to the adventure with its rivers and very varied rivers.
At 1,320 kilometers in length, the Rhine (details on rivers in Germany map) is only the third largest river in Europe after the Danube and the Volga. Main cultural and commercial axis in Central Europe, it connects the Alps and the North Sea crossing or skirting not less than six countries. Europe's busiest waterway, the Rhine is navigable for 883 kilometers from its mouth to the Basel region.
Swimming in the big city during the hot summer days is one of the most enjoyable experiences in Munich (look at map of Germany rivers). The banks of the Isar have been partially leveled and the river bed has been widened. Since then, gravel banks, small islands and small basins have appeared to serve as flood protection. The green waters of the river attract kingfishers and green-collars.