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Map of Germany castles. Castles in Germany map (Western Europe - Europe) to print. Castles in Germany map (Western Europe - Europe) to download. With as many as 20,000 castles in Germany, tourists have plenty to choose from. Conceived in the mind of "Mad" King Ludwig of Bavaria as a fantasy retreat from the world, Nueschwanstein castle incorporates myth, Romantic literature, grand opera, and Teutonic chivalry in its architectural and decorative palette. Hohenzollern Castle is the ancestral home of the imperial family of Germany, the House of Hohenzollern. The original castle was built in the early 1200s but was destroyed in 1423. Unlike many other castles, which sit atop steep hills or perch on rocky crags for defense, Schwerin Castle is almost entirely surrounded by water. Only a bridge connects it to Schwerin, the capital of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in northern Germany as its shown in castles in Germany map.

Map of Germany castles

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The massive red sandstone Heidelberg Castle is one of the best surviving examples of German Renaissance architecture. It stands in a commanding position on the hillside directly above the Old Town in Heidelberg, almost 200 meters below, forming a backdrop visible from almost any point in town or along the Neckar River as you can see in castles in Germany map. Hailed in its UNESCO World Heritage Site citation as "an outstanding monument of the feudal period in central Europe," Wartburg Castle is also important as the place where Martin Luther translated the New Testament into German. The impressive castle that sits above the charming town of Marburg has its origins as early as AD 1000 and is one of Germany earliest hillforts. The castle that crowns the town today dates from the 13th century and was a principal residence of the Landgraves of Hesse until 1604.
The Old Town of Nuremberg is dominated by its castle, a fortification that is among the most important surviving medieval fortresses in Europe. Home of German kings and emperors for more than 500 years, Nürnberger Burg despite serious damage in World war II and post-war reconstruction still looks much as it has through the centuries. Built in the Middle Ages as a secure stopping place for emperors and their entourages on hunting trips to the Hartz Mountains and subsequently expanded in the late Gothic style, Wernigerode Castle as its mentioned in castles in Germany map was transformed into a Renaissance fortress in the 16th century. One of the principal landmarks of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley UNESCO World Heritage Site, Marksburg is the only one of the 40 hill castles in this stretch of the river that has never been destroyed or fallen into disrepair.
Like Hohenzollern Castle in Southwest Germany, Burg Eltz will more than satisfy your kids desire to see a real fairy tale castle. It not only looks the part with its towers and access over a narrow bridge, but the setting is perfect, too, atop a 70-meter-high rock outcrop surrounded by dense forest. From the town below, visitors do not realize the vast size of Weesenstein Castle; it is really three castles in one, each built at a different time and in an order that makes the arrangement seem upside down. Sitting on a high rocky outcrop at the edge of the Swabian Alps and reached by a narrow wooden bridge, Lichtenstein Castle as its shown in castles in Germany map is not all it appears to be. Although this crag has been the site of several earlier castles, the neo-Gothic one built on their foundations is an 1800s version of a medieval castle.