Castles in Germany map

This map shows the Castles in Germany map. You can freely to print the Old Germany map. The Castles in Germany map is printable and downloadable on this page.
There are many palaces and royal residences of Bavaria (look at castles in Germany map). Inheritance of the very romantic Ludwig II of Bavaria, most castles are in a restricted area. Among them, there is the fairytale decor (medieval inspiration) of Germany Neuschwanstein Castles - the Hohenschwangau Fortress - Linderhof Castle and its Italian gardens - the church of the Wieskirche.
The Rhine Valley offers a large concentration of castles to admire (look at castles in Germany map), . Thus Ehrenbreitstein, which occupies, since the tenth century, an eminent position along the valley. Destroyed by the French in the eighteenth century, and rebuilt by the Prussians in the nineteenth century, the new fortified ensemble is now renowned for its panorama of Koblenz and the Germany Rhine Valley.
Neuschwanstein Castles is one of Germany's most famous attractions, a center of interest that attracts thousands of travelers from all over the world to the castles in Germany map. Every summer more than 6,000 people travel to the south of Bavaria to contemplate this construction, which was built by King Ludwig in 1869 as a representation of a medieval castles
The favorite castles of Louis II is scenically surrounded by the Bavarian mountains of the Ammergau Alps - its the linderholf castles (look at map of Germany castles). The small castle (compared to those of Neuschwanstein and Herrenchiemsee) has a beautiful layout with many gilding. In the gardens of the castles there is a well with a large fountain, a Moorish gazebo and a cave of Venus.