Map of Germany with cities

This map shows the Map of Germany with cities. You can freely to print the Germany main cities map. The Map of Germany with cities is printable and downloadable on this page.
The Germany climate is largely oceanic, but with strong continental influences going east and south due to the relief of these map of Germany with cities. In the western half, northwest, it is often very heavy and stormy in summer, although the temperatures are never very high. Winters are humid and fairly mild. In the southeastern east half, the temperature ranges are more pronounced.

Germany main cities map

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The cities of Frankfurt in Germany was founded by the Carolingians and had its cultural peak in the Renaissance, when Gutenberg stayed there. From the end of the 16th century, Frankfurt am Main has the right to coin money and has a purse ensuring until today a role of financial center must and take more and more important place on map of Germany with cities.
Movie Park Germany, located in Bottrop on map of Germany with cities, is the first theme park in Europe dedicated to cinema. At the enter of him, you can found a map where is located all places to have fun, While the little ones will have fun with Dora, Diego and SpongeBob, the older ones will indulge in stronger sensations under the Star Wars theme or the Bermuda Triangle.
Many international stars, including mega star Michael Jackson, have already visited the Phantasialand leisure park. This place located in Brühl, also on map of Germany with cities, has been awarded several times for its home suitable for families. The magical atmosphere that invades the park at the time of winter, with its happy shows, is also a great moment not to be missed.
In October, the weather in Germany is still sunny and warm. In November, the climate begins to change: the days become shorter and shorter, the fog is very frequent, it is the greyness. Temperatures begin to fall. The German autumn is rather dry. You should find a realtime information on many website of map of Germany with cities.