Germany state map

This map shows the Germany state map. You can freely to print the Germany country map. The Germany state map is printable and downloadable on this page.
The institutional organization of the Federal Republic of Germany is based on the Basic Law. The Head of State, whose functions are essentially representative, is the President of the Federal Republic. The Federal Chancellor is the Chief Executive. This function has been exercised since 2005 by Angela Merkel. Germany is divided in lander as it's indicated on many map of germany state.
In the west of the German territory and its regions, the climate has real oceanic influences, with frequent arrival of precipitation in any season, summers and winters sometimes snowy but not cold. This is explained by the role played by the Gulf Stream and the Azores anticyclone which bring a softness that is not found in other countries located at the same latitudes than Germany state map.
Hesse is today one of the largest economic regions in Germany and one of the most dynamic regions in Europe. Four industries - chemistry, automotive, mechanical engineering and electricity - together with Frankfurt, a tertiary and banking metropolis, are home to the Bundesbank, the European Central Bank, more than 400 investment banks and banks, all indicated on Germany state map.
Spring in Germany regions is rather shy and may be slow to show the tip of his nose. In April, the weather can change suddenly, from sun to rain. Nevertheless, the spring remains a pleasant moment especially for the Germans who take full advantage of the first light of the sun. In May, nature begins to revive. You should choose the city Germany state map in which you want to travel according to the season.