Germany region map

This map shows the Germany region map. You can freely to print the Germany regions map. The Germany region map is printable and downloadable on this page.
In Germany, only Frankfurt-am-Main has the effect of being an international city notify on every Germany region map : it has the highest skyscraper, the largest airport and the largest number of banks on the European continent, including BCE. We could continue this list of superlatives with the station and the motorway junction, both of which are the busiest in Germany.
The Bundestag, the lower house of the German parliament, has been in Berlin. Elected by multi-member proportional ballot, he votes on laws in connection with the Bundesrat, the upper house representing the Länder. The 16 Länder (Federal States), which you can identify on Germany region map, that make up Germany have extensive powers in policing, education, environment, culture and administration.
Straddling the European Atlantic seaboard and the center of the Germany region map, Germany experiences remarkable climatic diversity. Recurrent rains from Cologne to the snow in Berlin and the hot summers of Bavaria, the climate of Germany is very diverse. Also, because the geographic position, Germany has experienced several natural disasters in its history.
Winters are harsh all over region of Germany but particularly in the North and the Alpine South. In the North, the North Sea winds continuously blow on the coasts of Germany. In the South, the altitude makes one can only hope for a brutal winter. In fact, the harshness of winter becomes harder and harder as you move away from the sea, located in the north on a Germany region map.