Germany geographic map

This map shows the Germany geographic map. You can freely to print the Geographical map of Germany. The Germany geographic map is printable and downloadable on this page.
This vast country has an area of ​​357,021 km². Its boundaries are in the North Baltic Sea, Denmark and the North Sea. The coasts grow on 2389 km. In the East, the courses of the Neisse and the Oder separate Germany from Poland. In the West, Germany is limited by Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands (you can this information on Germany geographic map).

Geographical map of Germany

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Germany can be divided into four major regions available on Germany geographic map. The largest encompasses a large part of the immense plain that extends from the Netherlands to the Ural mountains in Russia. With the exception of the mountain range which occupies its eastern part, the great plain which is in the north of Germany has a slight relief (look at Germany geographic map).
In much of Germany the climate is moderately continental, with cold winters (average January temperature is around zero or slightly above), and relatively hot summers (with peaks of 22/24 degrees) and stormy. The northern most geographical region (Bremen, Hamburg, Lübeck, Rostock, Kiel) is slightly milder, but also more humid and windy, being affected by the influence of the Atlantic (more details on geographical map of Germany).