Autobahn Germany map

This map shows the Autobahn Germany map. You can freely to print the Germany autobahn map. The Autobahn Germany map is printable and downloadable on this page.
Driving on the autobahn Germany map is thrilling, but unbeknownst to many travelers, the Autobahn expressway does in fact have speed limits in place on much of the territory it covers and indicated on any autobahn Germany map, as well as a police presence to maintain the expertly crafted roadway infrastructure.
If you are used to driving on interstate highways and freeways in the US, which is different of the autobahn, you need to know about the differences between US traffic laws and those in Germany and hice central position on a autobahn Germany map. When driving in Germany, you need to drive like a German.
Some people are disappointed the first time they drive on the Autobahn (details on autobahn Germany map). They come with visions of a twenty-lane superhighway where cars are barely a blur as they whiz by. In reality, the Autobahn looks like the average freeway, and despite rumors to the contrary, not everyone is traveling at the speed of sound.
Plans for the autobahn Germany map date to the 1920's. Construction of the first segment began in 1929. When Adolph Hitler assumed power as Chancellor of the Third Reich in 1933, he took the program over, claiming it for his own. Today's German autobahn system stretches 12,993 km across most parts of Germany.