Germany bike map

Germany cycling maps. Germany bike map (Western Europe - Europe) to print. Germany bike map (Western Europe - Europe) to download. Germany is such a vast country especially since the unification of East and West Germany. It has such a wide variety of landscape and terrain from the flat lands of the north to the alpine mountains of Bavaria. All of which can give good biking. Germany has vastly improved its bike paths and cycle routes over the last few years and now has a extensive network of of well marked local and long distance bike paths. The amount of people touring and recreational biking has similarly increased. There are bike paths on most main roads and these are mostly separate to the road itself, however in the towns and cities a lot of the bike ways are just part of existing pedestrian paths as its shown in Germany bike map. Therefore care has to be taken with pedestrians and in mounting curbs as you cross adjoining roads.
Germany has many long distance bike routes, there are currently 200 which cover most of the country and are well marked as its mentioned in Germany bike map, you can find a good interactive map and descriptions on the site. Also on this site there is a good route finder, that will suggest a route according to certain criteria that you put in and suggestions for routes if you like rivers or mountains or want a route suitable for children. An alternative route map site that shows the long distance bike routes is This site has a side bar showing the routes which if you click on a link takes you to a page with strip maps of the route. Most of the bike paths are well sign posted. In the Old East Germany we found that the roads are still not that good, the main roads are narrow but very busy and a lot of the country roads are still cobbled. This can make journey times significantly slower.