Castle road Germany map

Castle route Germany map. Castle road Germany map (Western Europe - Europe) to print. Castle road Germany map (Western Europe - Europe) to download. The name of this route really speaks for itself. Castle after castle and no end of picturesque little towns full of half-timbered buildings line the Castle Road, which spans almost 1,200 kilometres from Mannheim to Prague in the Czech Republic as its shown in castle road Germany map. There is no shortage of sagas, myths, fairytales and legends along this route! Visitors are transported back to the Middle Ages as they make their way from castle to castle and peak to peak, constantly on the trail of emperors, kings, princes, knights, count palatines and tales of romance. Over 70 magnificent castles, fairytale palaces and stately homes line the route, never failing to impress visitors with their fascinating insights into the past. Medieval towns, abbeys, sacred and secular buildings from all different eras, historical sites and cultural gems are more than enough to turn this journey of discovery into an unforgettable experience.

Castle route Germany map

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You may choose to start your voyage of discovery at the Kaiserburg in Nuremberg, whose existence was first documented in 1050. This imposing palace complex was first erected by the Staufer dynasty, and has been a hallmark of the city ever since. West of Nuremberg you will find Cadolzburg Castle in a town of the same name as its mentioned in castle road Germany map. It is one of Bavaria mightiest castle complexes. Between the 13th and the 18th century the complex underwent many structural changes. Further north lies Coburg with one of the largest castle complexes in Germany: the Veste Coburg sits majestically on a dolomite rock and towers 167 m over the city. The “Franconian Crown” is of particular interest to art aficionados as it houses the art collections of the Coburg dukes, comprising important paintings, sculptures, copperplate engravings, glassware, coins and weapons.
The Castle Road stretches from east to west for over 1,000 kilometers (600 miles), from the German city of Mannheim to the scenic Czech city of Prague as you can see in castle road Germany map. It winds through picturesque valleys, plateaus, mountains, dreamy hamlets, and medieval towns, offering new surprises at every turn. The most popular castles along the Castle Road include the Mannheim Palace, Heidelberg Castle, Nuremberg Castle, Hornberg Castle, Guttenberg Castle, Waldenburg Castle, Colmberg Castle, Ehrenburg Castle, Bayreuth Castle, and Prague Castle. Additionally, several towns and villages along the way are worth exploring as well. The most charming among these are Auerbach, Nuremberg, Bamberg, Coburg, Kronach, Kulmbach, Rothenburg ob der Tauber and Bayreuth in Germany, and Karlovy Vary and Prague in the Czech Republic.