Germany coast map

Map of Germany coast. Germany coast map (Western Europe - Europe) to print. Germany coast map (Western Europe - Europe) to download. The western and eastern coastlines vary considerably in their forms. The coast of the North Sea continues the type familiar in the northern Netherlands; an offshore bar, crowned with sand dunes, has been shattered and left as the chain of the East Frisian Islands off the coast of Lower Saxony and the North Frisian Islands off the Schleswig-Holstein portion of the Jutland peninsula as its shown in Germany coast map. These islands form a favourite vacation area in summer. The sea has encroached upon the land behind the islands, forming tidal flats (known as Wattenmeer), which become exposed at low tide. The coast is broken by the estuaries of the Elbe, Weser, and Ems rivers and by drowned inlets such as the Jade and Dollart bays. Much of this area is now protected within three adjoining national parks (Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, and Lower Saxony Wadden Sea national parks).
Along the Baltic coast, the boulder-clay plains shelve rather tamely beneath the sea as you can see in Germany coast map. However, the typically varied relief of minor moraines, depressions, and other glacial features gives diversity to the coastline. In Schleswig-Holstein long inlets (fjords), carved by water moving beneath the ice sheets, extend to the sea. Farther east the coast gains in complexity; there are peninsulas and sea inlets known as Bodden, and sandy beach bars dominate the landscape. Several islands line the shore, including Usedom, Hiddensee, Poel, and Rügen, Germany largest island.
With nearly 1200 km long Germany coast is full of natural spectacles from glowing seas in Sylt to beautiful beaches on the island Rügen as its mentioned in Germany coast map. Germany coast is divided into the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. The Baltic Sea is one of the most popular destinations in Germany, guaranteeing great freedom and relaxation for body, mind and soul. 6 islands, long sandy beaches, impressive lighthouses and all kinds of activities. The North Sea is one of the most interesting areas in Germany with the Unesco World Cultural Heritage Wadden Sea and the tidal change. 14 islands, small harbour towns and attractive seaside resorts along the German North Sea coast offer the ideal change between a relaxed beach experience, maritime events, cultural programme and shopping.