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Germany has 7 international airports which are: Berlin Tegel Airport, Cologne Airport, Düsseldorf Airport, Frankfurt Airport, Hamburg Airport, Munich Airport and Stuttgart airport. The main one is Berlin, which is 8km north-west of the city center (look on airports in Germany map to have more information).

Map of Germany airports

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The Berlin airports in Germany map International Airport has several restaurants, bars and cafes, most of them in the Tegel Boulevard building and Terminal A. There is a large commercial area at this Germany airport, with shops selling perfumes, souvenirs, toys, among others. Passengers traveling abroad can shop at zero-rated stores.
Germany's seventh busiest airports, Cologne-Bonn Konrad Adenauer Airport (CGN) receives about 9 million passengers every year. It is a hub for Eurowings and Germanwings and is located about 14 kilometers south-east of Cologne and 16 kilometers north-east of Bonn. The airports has three runways and two terminals all located on airports in Germany map.
The Munich airport, located in the south on airports in Germany map is officially called Franz Josef Strauss International Airports, since the death of the Bavarian politician in 1988. In importance, it is the second airports of Germany with a traffic of about 30 million passengers a year. In 2005 and 2006, it was named "the best Germany airports in Europe" and the third best in the world.